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[PDF] Industry 4.0

Jan 26, 2015

The next revolution with Industry 4.0 represents a huge opportunity for Europe – and it fits the... >>

Low interest rates – A threat to the banks

Low interest rates – A threat to the...

Dec 15, 2014

The real danger lying in wait for the commercial banks is the low level of interest rates which,... >>

Net neutrality within a changing European media landscape

Net neutrality within a changing...

Dec 03, 2014

Some Internet Service Providers are looking at forms of paid traffic management to cover investments... >>

Retail banking – The coming revolution

Retail banking – The coming revolution

Nov 21, 2014

Traditional banks are currently facing a difficult deflationary context, and they have to juxtapose... >>


[PDF] Retail Banking Wheel

Oct 21, 2014

Are banks prepared for a new turning point in the retail banking landscape? Leveraging the Roland... >>


[PDF] ReThink:Tax (Dutch version)

Jun 19, 2014

Roland Berger supported the think tank ReThink:Tax to formulate policy recommendations regarding the... >>